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The Ruffian Woodsman is a purpose built design for those looking for utility combined with amazing ease of maintenance.  We like to say the bike is built with the durability of a tractor and the simplicity of a lawnmower.  With that said, this bike is more than capable for its designed purpose.  The Woodsman is designed to serve as a utility vehicle for everyone ranging from ice anglers to landowners to members of a community of camp owners.  With the simplicity, durability and fuel efficiency of a Honda 8.5HP engine, the Woodsman's small frame is designed for comfort and ease of use. People with no experience riding snowbikes will immediately feel comfortable on the Woodsman.  Built like a tractor, you will be amazed where the Woodsman can carry you and your gear.  If you are looking for a simple but amazingly capable snowbike, that can be ridden with or without snow (with the optional front wheel kit) then look no further than the Woodsman.  The bike is designed to perform in conditions from 2 to 24 inches of snow.  To make the Woodsman even more versatile, it is designed to fit on a hitch mounted dirtbike carrier, so you don’t need a pickup or trailer to bring the bike with you.  Simply place your carrier into the hitch receiver and drive the bike onto the carrier and you are off to adventure.


The Woodsman uses a proprietary CVT drive train connected to the high torque nature of a Honda 4-stroke engine capable of propelling the snowbike with riders up to 320lbs. Our suspension is designed to allow the rider to set the stiffness of the skid to meet a rider weight up to 320lbs. Seat height is 30inches.


Whether you want to travel through the woods, tow your ice fishing sled, groom a x-country ski trail, or do any of a hundred other things, this versatile bike is all you need to get you to your destination.



*Exclusions Apply. See "Shiping & Returns" for details.

Ruffian Woodsman

    • Genuine Honda 270cc 8.5hp
    • Air Cooled, Single-Cylinder, 4-valve, 4-stroke
    • Nibbi 30mm Carburetor, Unleaded Pump Gas (Run Premium When Available)
    • Recommended Engine Oil 10W-40
    • Pull Start (electric start optional)

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