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Get ready to conquer the winter wilderness with Ruffian SnowBikes! Introducing the Ruffian SnowBound, Pre-Season Pre-Book 2025/2026 offer. Secure your spot by placing a $1,500 non-refundable deposit and create the ultimate custom-colored snow bike. Mix and match your frame and bogie wheel colors to ensure you have the best-looking ride on the mountain. By pre-booking, you’ll not only turn heads but also enjoy free shipping and receive a Ruffian Winter Survival Kit. This exclusive kit includes an official Ruffian factory T-shirt, sunglasses, beanie, factory stickers, and a fully loaded Bar Mounted Backcountry Survival Bag. The survival bag is packed with a custom Ruffian tactical bag, tactical flashlight, waterproof solar backup battery, emergency bivvy, emergency poncho, paracord rope, fire starter kit, and survival straw. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your winter adventures with Ruffian SnowBikes!

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