There's EVOLUTION in the snow bike industry! The Ruffian EVO 129"is designed for the avid backcountry rider. Whether it's steep tree lines or big cliff drops, the EVO gives you the confidence to go bigger and climb higher!

With Ultra lightweight components and the industry's first snowbike specific platform, the Ruffian EVO has revolutionized the snow bike industry! By placing the rider over the track, we have created more efficient use of the engine's power, resulting in less trenching and improved traction. Groomed trail handling has also been greatly improved!


Available summer 2022


  • Camso 129" inch paddle track on a SINGLE rail suspension system gives riders more track flex on hard pack and added weight savings benefits

  • Our proprietary snow bike specific platform keeps the front end feeling playful , while still holding a line around corners.

  • Designed for big mountain riding

  • Quality components DESIGNED and  manufactured in the USA!

  • Carbon fiber body with a SINGLE chain drive system

  • comes  complete with

pla​stic tank shrouds


carbon fiber cowling

6"tall  risers

complete rear single rail suspension

fox float shocks w/air pump

chromoly frame

c3 thermostat

billet engine out drive (power transfer unit)

fuel tank

inline fuel pump 45psi

Yz style steering tube bearings

Camso 129x12.5x2.5 DTS track

Simmons flex ski

billet ski spindle (accepts yz forks)

heat exchanger with all needed plumbing

snow resistant intake

braking system



RUFFIAN  EVO 450cc  







Rear Suspension 12" travel  fox floats standard  

Rubber Limiter strap

Solid billet Aluminum Mono Rail w/hyfax. Anti-stab Idlers 

Light weight 4130 chromoly TIG welded  frame

HDPE Skid Plates W/graphics

Simmons Snowbike Ski 

polisport gripper seat 

Snow Resistant  Air Cleaner

Tunnel mounted heat exchanger

carbon fiber cowling

C3 billet thermostat

billet ski spindle accepts 48mm forks

7 tooth 2.86 drive cogs



Fork Rake 73 Degrees

length 8.5ft 

Seat Height 36 inches

Curb Weight 280lbs

Fuel Capacity 3.3g



Chain Pitch 520

Top Sprocket 15T

Bottom Sprocket 25T

pre bled brake lever w/hydraulic caliper 

129"X12.5"X2.5"lug CAMSO DTS  Track

Billet engine outdrive w/carrier bearing